i love sweatshirts pt.1: starcow paris custom crewneck

i love sweatshirts, crewnecks, hoddies or whatever you like to call these garments (ok, i really love sneakers, pants, t-shirts, jackets etc as well...). so i thought about posting a little series with the most favorite sweaters of mine. i start off with my latest addition to the family: a starcow crewneck customized in paris, france. in this case with a black/grey tigerstripe camo pattern. the quality is really amazing and i love the look and feel of this piece. 

here are some other custom variations from starcow: http://www.starcow.info/2013/12/starcow-crewnecks-%26-beanies.html

make sure to check their blog from time to time: http://www.starcow.info/

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